Affirmations are such a healthy way to nurture your spirit. Some I repeat daily, others I say right at the moment when life feels like it's about to get the best of me. Either way, they lift my spirit and bring me back to my center.
I hope these affirmations I'm sharing with you become a part of your daily ritual. Let's get into them!
10 positive affirmations to nurture your soul by Nadeige Archin

1. I am content and filled with joy.

Remember, Joy and happiness are similar but they are a little different in delivery. Happiness is from the outside in, Joy is from the inside out.


2. I am healing myself first. The rest will come later.

You are your own priority. Focus on your self and your healing, everything else will fall into place after.


3. I am becoming the person I am meant to be.

Before you left the womb, you were already predestined to be someone. The more you dig deep into yourself, you'll find out who that person is.


4. I welcome all things positive in my life.

Surround yourself with positivity and fill yourself with it. You are what you put out.


5. I am in love with myself.

Fall for yourself, Shamelessly. Periodt.


6. I am remarkable.

You are powerful. You are one-of-kind. If nobody has told you that today, I am. If you haven't recognized that within yourself already, the moment is now.

I am remarkable artwork by Nadeige Archin


7. I am valuable and adding tax to it.

Know your worth. You are more than enough. That's on that.


8. My flaws are beautiful.

Embrace your flaws, leave out insecurity. You are wonderfully made.


9. " [I am] worth infinity."

If you haven't read Key Ballah's Preparing My Daughter for Rain, you should. I enjoyed it.


10. I'm ready for overflow.

Manifest a life of spiritual abundance, joy, success, and your heart's desires.


At the beach with Nadeige Archin 

Feed your soul with positivity daily. Thank you for reading!



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