hey there!

Hi! My name is Nadeige and I'm a Visual Artist + Designer from Massachusetts. My inspiration comes from the woman looking back at herself in the mirror. You are my inspiration.


One day, I spontaneously decided to switch my room around after the COVID shutdown. I ending up finding collages I had created back in high school and remembered how much I missed creating. 

Back then, I actually wanted to attend art school after graduation. Being a first-generation kid, however, you'll learn there are only 3 professions your parent(s) support: physician, engineer, lawyer. I ended up graduating college with a degree in Kinesiology and later attended nursing school to purse a Master's. 

The thing is,  when I found those pieces again, joy filled my soul. It was as if the Universe was encouraging me to follow a creative path - so I listened. 

I found a way to combine parts of myself and what I've learned into artwork for women.  My background in healthcare has always emphasized the desire to help others on their path towards better health. Your mind, body, and soul are all a part of your wellbeing. In my work, you'll find those bits and pieces that together work to bring you joy and guidance. I hope you receive the messages in them well.

Love and light,


  • Featured on Nordstrom.com for Blue Introspection Shower Curtain

  • Designed product label for small Haitian business. Label is intentionally designed to display and share Haitian culture.

  • Logo cover art for Dualicee Podcast